Over the years I’ve dabbled in many different specialties.

My background includes Audio, Video, Projection and Lighting.  Over 30 years in the Audio Visual field. 

I’ve spent decades doing technical drawings, making solid crew contacts and dealing with facilities and unions.

This makes me a natural choice to lead a crew through the planning and tough decisions that it takes to create today’s involved productions.


Currently I am staff at LMG, Inc in Orlando...Come see what we are all about!

As a Technical Director or PROJECT MANAGER...

As An Audio Engineer...

I will show up to your job site early and prepared to work.  I’ll bring a drawing, input list, speaker prediction, cable plan, console file and an RF coordination. 

I come with a Smaart rig, dual matching MacBook Pros for playback, main and back up analog interfaces, a managed switch for Dante applications, over 1 TB of music, play ons, VOG’s & sound effects and a tool kit with all the necessary provisions to get me through the tight spots.

I have worked for diverse clients in situations from ballrooms and convention centers to arena’s and beaches.  My expertise include: system design and trouble shooting.  Installation.  Room timing & EQ. Transparent operation.  Attention to detail with a friendly can-do attitude and professional appearance.

A1, FOH, Systems Engineer and Monitors.

Avid Profile & SC48

D&B Array Calc and R1


Digico SD 9 & 10

DPA Microphones

L’ Acoustic’s K1, K2, Kara, Kiva, V-Dosc and DV-Dosc

L’ Acoustics Variable Curvature Level !! SoundVision

L’ Acoustics Network Manager

Shure Axient and Wireless Workbench

Smaart Live

SSL Live Consoles

Yamaha CL5, QL5, QL1, M7 & Rio Racks



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